12 Author Websites With Stellar Designs

Author Website in a Box is designed to give you all the parts of an author website, including a solid design that you can use as-is or modify.

I think it’s a great design, but I never intended to limit you to only building your site using my design. I wanted you to have the option of doing more, which is why AWinaBox uses SiteOrigin’s Pagebuilder. This is a drag and drop tool that you can use to build a page from top to bottom, one row at a time.

All you need is inspiration (plus a little skill), hence this post.

The following twelve websites have designs that I think can (mostly) be built using SiteOrigin’s Pagebuilder. I gathered them into this post so you could look them over and decide if you want to borrow an element from one or more of these sites, or even use one to inspire the design of your site.

Before I let you go, I do have one caveat: I don’t think it will be possible to copy some of the sites’ menu bars using Pagebuilder. Its menu bar options are limited (this is its one shortcoming).

 Alexandra Bracken

J Daniels

John Grisham

Bella Andre

Helen Scheuerer

Savi Sharma

Aminah Mae

Nora Roberts

Brenda Novak

Debbie Macomber

Julie James

Beverly Jenkins

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