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Spend less time creating your website and more time creating your next masterpiece.

Have you struggled to build your website?

Author Website in a Box eliminates many of the frustrations encountered when trying to build a website from scratch. It will save you:



Setting up a WordPress site can be a long and arduous process with dozens of steps. In comparison, installing Author Website in a Box is almost as easy as installing an app on your PC.

Why bother with all the extra work when it can be done for you automatically?


The license for a WordPress theme can run into the hundreds of dollars, but Author Website in a Box is free.  And not just a “you have to pay to get half the features” free, but actually completely free.

Why pay for a license when you can find better ways to spend your money?


Nothing is more exhausting than trying to figure out how new tech works, and making sure that all the parts go together. With Author Website in a Box, you don’t have to worry about it; we’ve made sure everything worked before we let you download it.

I bet you have better uses for your time, right?

SEE Author Website in a Box IN ACTION – Visit our demo site.


Author Website in a Box packs an entire site into one package.

Home Page

AwinaBox comes with a pre-built homepage. Simply replace the dummy content with your own, add links to your social media accounts, and then connect your mailing list, and you’ll have a complete site.


AWinaBox is designed to work as a single-page site, but you can add to it by creating a bookshelf page using the included template, and then making pages for each of your books.


If you want to add more pages to your site, you’re in luck. AWinaBox is built on Divi, the best page-building tool available.

You can easily add new pages.


Want to sell books on your site? Use the bookstore template to build a store where you make all the money.



If you’re worried about hackers, AwinaBox has you covered. It comes with the All-in-One WP Security plugin,



AwinaBox comes bundled with Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Spend some time setting it up, and you will rocket your site to the top of Google’s search results.

Mailing List

This website is ready to be integrated with whichever mailing list service you want to use. Just set it up, and everything will be taken care of for you!


Just about every theme comes with a blog, but few look as great as the one that is built into AWinaBox.


Author Website in a Box is available as a free download. You can find more details on the download page.

If you would like to have it installed, please contact me.

Notes & Requirements

  • You need to have a self-hosted WordPress site (my template does not work with sites hosted on WordPress.com, with the exception of sites on the “Business” hosting plan).
  • If you don’t have a WordPress website already, I can set one up for a small fee.
  • I can also host your site with my hosting company, Write Site.
  • If you have any questions regarding my services, please contact me at: [email protected]

Nate Hoffelder

For more info on Nate Hoffelder, the developer behind Author Website in a Box, click the link below.



I love having a blog, but I hate maintaining a website. Nate sweats the small stuff, so I don’t have to. Which frees me to do the things I am good at: writing, coaching, creating. 

Sheryl Gannett

Since we started working together, Nate has noticed things about my website that need to be improved. Other hosts have not done that. I feel that Nate is much more involved and interested in improving my sites whereas other hosts don’t seem to have the same concern.
Ruth Crowker

My business requires some heavy duty site plugins to work at all times. Nate makes sure my business runs at top speed. There’s nothing better than peace of mind.

Bryan Cohen

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