How to Create a Blog Post (Advanced)

Everyone knows how to write a blog post on a WordPress site. Bang out a few paragraphs, add a couple images, and boom, you’ve written a very nice blog post. That is a perfectly acceptable way to publish a blog post (it’s how I do it), but how would you like to do more?...

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How to Set Up or Edit a Menu

Author Website in a Box ships with a menu that you can customize (or replace entirely). The following video explains how to set up a menu for your site. Note: it starts from scratch, while I gave you a working menu, but the instructions are still good. The video was made by SiteOrigin, the...

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How to Set Up or Edit a Book Listing

Author Website in a Box uses the Novelist plugin to give you a bookshelf that is easy to set up and maintain. All you have to is fill out a form with the details for each of your books and save it, and the plugin will automatically create a book listing filled with the...

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